TetsingStandby Power System Consultants, Inc. testing programs for stationary batteries and dc power systems meet or exceed the original equipment manufacturer's (OEM) requirements and the recommended practices of IEEE Standards 450, 1106 and 1188 for vented lead acid, nickel cadmium and valve regulated lead acid (VRLA) respectively.

Our Performance Test of Battery Capacity (load discharge test) capabilities allow us to perform battery discharge tests on all vented lead acid, VRLA and nickel cadmium battery types of any ampere-hour capacity. Our knowledge of capacity testing and use of state of the art data acquisition equipment allows us to accurately evaluate the capability of the entire battery string along with each cell or multi-cell jar to deliver the manufacturer's rated discharge current for a given duration. The capacity test also allows us to determine the state of battery aging.

  • Acceptance Test of New Stationary Batteries
  • Certification, Start-Up, Test of Stationary Battery, Rectifiers, and DC Power Plants
  • Monthly, Quarterly, Annual Inspection, and Testing
  • VRLA Ohmic Test
  • Performance Test of Battery Capacity
    24 V and 48 V Telecommunications Batteries
    125 V and 250 V Switchgear and Control Batteries
    120 V/240 V/360 V/480 V UPS Batteries
  • DC Ground Test
  • Battery Charger/Rectifier Inspection and Testing

Albercorp Battery Diagnostic Systems tt

Standby Power System Consultants, Inc. is a recognized field service support organization for the start-up, commissioning and service of the Albercorp BDS 256 and MPM battery monitor systems.

Photovoltaic Solar Power System Start-up, Commissioning, and Integration Testing

All of our field engineers are trained to, and comply with, the latest recommended practices of IEEE Standards 450, 484, 1106, 1187 and 1188.