Switchmode Rectifiers For Telecommunication

Sageon Micro

Sageon® Micro

Up to 200 amps capacity with integrated DC distribution.

Sageon II

Sageon® II

600 amps (N+ 1) & 400 amps (N+ 1) capacity with DC distribution.

Sageon IPS

Sageon® Integrated Power Systems

Up to 400 amps at -48V or 800 amps at +24V with 540 ampere-hours of battery backup and integrated DC distribution.

Sageon Sentry

Sageon Sentry®

Up to 2,600 amps at +24V or 1,300 amps at -48V with integrated DC distribution.

Titan II

Titan II

Three-phase input design. 7200 watt output per rectifier. Maximum plant output 10,000 amps.